Beagles are fantastic pets, and bring happiness and companionship to many people. One way to reinforce a trusting, successful relationship with your [breed2] is to properly train him so that he understands what is expected of him and can behave properly with confidence and enjoyment.

Our  D.O.G. training system is a quick and effective way to teach your Beagle not only the basic obedience behaviors that are necessary for a peaceful dog/owner relationship, but will work for more complicated tricks and behaviors. In fact, it is a great way to communicate with your [breed2] on a level that he will understand, every time.

It is easy to do the D.O.G.:

DDo what we say; we have gathered the most up to date information on training dogs and will provide everything you need to know with the A.B.C. 123 training method.

OObserve your Beagle’s behavior; dogs will tell you with body language and behavior what they need and what will work. You just have to know what to look for and pay attention.

GGet results; using the A.B.C. 123 training method, you’ll see instant results and will see immediately if your [breed2] is ready for the next step or if any part of A.B.C. 123 needs to be revisited.

The A.B.C. 123 method is as simple as it sounds. Dogs are easy to understand once you know how they think, and that is what we are going to teach you.

AAcceptance; Accept that dogs are not people and that their psychology is different.

We will provide all the information you will need to understand how your dog thinks and how to teach him what is expected of him. Once you have read the information provided in this guide regarding training, you will have a clear understanding of the best, most effective ways to train your dog.

BBegin utilization; Start using the methods we will give you in real life situations. Your [breed2] will enjoy it and you will see results immediately.Dogs enjoy having a purpose, and love working for their rewards.

C Consistency; Being consistent is the glue that will hold everything together.

Dogs understand consistency and nothing will be more powerful in reassuring your Beagle that he is doing the right thing than getting the same results every time.

1Firstly, remember how a dog thinks.

While this guide will go in depth about how a dog’s psychology works and how understanding this can help you train your Beagle, it basically boils down to the simple fact that dogs will always do what gets them the greatest reward. Whether it is a treat, a toy, chewing shoes for fun, digging up your garden, or praise and attention from you, your Beagle will choose the behavior that reaps the greater reward.

2Secondly, show him how to get the greater reward.

Teach your [breed2] what the greater rewards are and how to get them. Show your Beagle that he will get a better reward for desired behavior, and that doing things that are undesired will not result in a reward.

3Lastly, repeat and stay consistent.

This is extremely important. Repetition and consistency will ensure that your Beagle is never confused about what is expected of him. There is no such thing as too much practice.

Try it now! One of the first commands a Beagle should learn is sit. You first have to understand that a dog thinks differently than you and that he will have no idea what the word “sit” means or what you want him to do. You will have to show him, using rewards, that he will get a greater reward (a treat and praise from you!) if he sits when you command him to. Use the following steps:

1. Take your Beagle into a room with you and shut the door so that he cannot wander away. Have a handful of treats with you.

2. Sit down and quietly wait and watch.  As soon as your Beagle sits – ie, in the very instant that his rear end touches the ground, praise him and give him a treat. This shows him the behavior you want and that he gets a reward when he does it.

3. Stand up and move so that he follows you or stands up. Then wait and watch again, and as soon as he sits, use your command word “sit” and treat again.

4. You are teaching him that the behavior of sitting is connected to the sound you are making when you say “sit.” Do this several times, saying “sit” and giving your Beagle a treat each time his rear end touches the floor.

5. Now begin to command. Say “sit” before he begins to sit, and when he does, give plenty of praise and treats. You have taught him what behavior goes with which verbal command, and that following your command results in a reward that is greater than if he doesn’t follow the command.

6. Practice, practice, practice. Repetition and consistency are very important, and even a well-trained Beagle can use a refresher every now and then.

Training your Beagle doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or frustrating. Doing the D.O.G. gets right to the core of communicating effectively with dogs, and reinforces a trusting relationship. Let give you the information you’ll need to apply the D.O.G. method effectively to your training, and be with you every step of the way.